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January, 06, 2019 Prosecco: Discovering the drier side

(Decanter) - In search of greater terroir expression, Prosecco’s finest wines are becoming increasingly dry. Richard Baudains explores the reasons why, and picks his top 10 to try...  There’s a buzz in the  Prosecco  Superiore hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano. A n...

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January, 06, 2019 A vintner’s horror movie nightmare: The smoke is coming from inside the grapes

(LATimes) - Some effects of a wildfire are visually arresting. Others are invisible, dormant for months, and then, suddenly, smellable. You may not have heard of it yet, but winemakers fear its name: smoke taint. There are a lot of ways wines can go wrong. Maybe you’ve ha...

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January, 01, 2019 The World's Best Wines

(Wine-Searcher) - A look at the world's best wines in 2018. As we are only four days into the new year, we thought it worth having a look at the top wines in 2018. Of course, "best" is almost always subjective – any grand title of recognition foisted on someone or something is bound to ...

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January, 01, 2019 Go Inside Napa’s Oldest, Continuously Operating Sparkling Wine Producer

(VinePair) - Frank Family Vineyards isn’t the most recognizable of Napa Valley’s  sparkling wine producers. Mumm, Schramsberg, and Domaine Chandon are all better known. Nor is it the longest, continuously operating winery in the valley — that honor goes to Beringer Vineyards,...

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January, 01, 2019 Sunday wine sales in grocery stores now legal in Tennessee

 (WJHL) - More than 30 new laws go into effect on January 1 in Tennessee. One of those laws will allow the sale of wine in grocery stores on Sunday. In April, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law for seven-day wine and liquor sales. The law went into effect immediately for l...

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January, 01, 2019 Prosecco Bursting the Champagne Bubble

(Wine-Searcher) - With other bubblies sparkling bright, is Champagne's star fizzing out? The holidays: the most won-der-ful time of the year, when delusional notions and cynical lies issue forth with every single "Season's Greetings" email individuals even tangentially involved in sales send ...

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December, 27, 2018 The Most Counterfeit Wines in the World

(Vaocubo) - Wine counterfeiting is not a new subject, so much so that it has been theme of some movies like famous Sour Grapes. In a surprising estimate, it is said that 20% of the wine in circulation on the market can be faked. This number first generates a certain disbelief, but given the diff...

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December, 27, 2018 Americans like sweet wines, but nobody talks about it. Missed opportunity for wineries, and media?

(WBlakegray) - Americans like sweet wines. Big wine companies know it. East Coast wineries know it. The main people in the dark are the wine media: people like me. We usually write disparagingly about red wines with residual sugar, if we write about them at all. We drink in an ivory tower. This i...

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