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Wine Industry News

December, 11, 2017 Sonoma’s city council imposes moratorium on new wine-tasting rooms

(SonomaNews) - “What this does is push the pause button, it stops the world where we are right now,” said Sonoma City Manager Cathy Capriola. She was referring to an urgency ordinance imposing a moratorium on wine tasting facilities in the Plaza Retail Overlay District, a measur...

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December, 11, 2017 Counterclaim alleges wine distributor owes $45k

(BizTimes) - The Kansas City company responsible for wine bottles etched with the Green Bay Packers logo is alleging it is owed more than $45,000 by Pure Wine Wisconsin, a Milwaukee wine distributor. A part of Missouri-based Mano’s Inc.’s business involves selling wine bottles w...

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December, 11, 2017 Lady Gaga Lines Up Wine Brand Named After Her Father’s Restaurant

(Food&Wine) - Let’s be clear up front: Filing paperwork to trademark a wine brand is a lot different than  actually launching a wine brand . For the former, all you need is a lawyer or someone else who is good with paperwork. For the latter, you need grapes and bottles and a winemake...

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December, 09, 2017 Would you spend $5,000 on a wine glass made of cheese?

(Today) - Everyone knows that  great cheese  pairs perfectly with wine. Oh, and also beer. Honestly, cheese can't choose between the two of them — and neither should you. Which is why Finlandia Cheese has created wine and beer "glasses" made out of cheese. Now, you can ...

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December, 09, 2017 Beware of 'Wine Bottle,' 'Secret Sister' gift exchanges

(KSAT) - It's the season for gifts, but the  Better Business Bureau  is cautioning people about a couple of gift exchanges circulating again on Facebook, calling them illegal pyramid schemes. One beckons wine lovers to participate in the "wine bottle exchange," which is a differen...

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December, 09, 2017 Rupert Murdoch’s Wine Is Going to Be All Right

(Bloomberg) - Rupert Murdoch’s vineyard in the ritzy Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles suffered minor damages to its vines after a fire erupted nearby. Murdoch, the billionaire who controls 21st Century Fox Inc., also lost some wine. No one was hurt. “We are beyond grateful for ...

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December, 09, 2017 Why Duty-Free Wine Is Actually a Waste of Money

(RD) - While traveling can burn a big ol’ hole in your wallet, you probably do some damage long before you even reached your destination. Sound familiar? Believe it or not, you have fallen victim to the  sneaky way airports are tricking you into spending your money . Granted, some air...

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December, 09, 2017 A year overdue, Petaluma Gap wine region gains official recognition

(SFChronicle) - At long last, wine growers in the  Petaluma Gap  area will be able to put “Petaluma Gap” on their wine labels, as the Petaluma Gap officially becomes California’s newest American Viticultural Area (AVA) on Friday, Dec. 8. The passage of t...

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