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May, 29, 2019 Which country drinks the most wine? The answer might surprise you

(GoSanAngelo) - The world drinks a lot of wine — some 6.5 billion gallons in 2018, according to the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine. The United States consumes the most of that output — some 872 million gallons. We’ve been No. 1 since 2011. On a percenta...

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May, 29, 2019 What is Piquette? Meet Wine’s Easy-Drinking, Low-alcohol Style

(Winemag) - Todd Cavallo’s memory was jogged when a friend showed him a passage from a book about the history of wine in 19th-century Europe. It related to a drink called piquette, a low-alcohol wine made from the second pressings of grape pomace, known to have been enjoyed by French far...

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May, 29, 2019 Berger on wine: A hefty price tag doesn't always mean high quality

(PD) - Ever since wine has been a commercial beverage (hundred of years), consumers have been victims of different forms of deceit, mostly aimed at sales. And it’s getting worse because wine buyers willingly accept being fed a diet of misinformation — or no information at all. T...

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May, 27, 2019 Want to Know Your Wine Is Genuine? EY Has Built a Blockchain for That

(CoinDesk) - “Big Four” professional services firm EY has built a blockchain platform for a firm that will help consumers determine wines’ quality, provenance and authenticity. The TATTOO Wine Platform has been developed for Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd. using EY’s OpsChain s...

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(TDB) - Breweries in the US have blamed the Trump administration’s metal tariffs for a loss of thousands of jobs in the beer industry since 2016. A report published by the Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association has found that 40,000 jobs have been lost in breweries as tar...

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May, 27, 2019 Four-Acre Compound in the Heart of California’s Napa Valley Wine Country

(MG) - The estate features a 150,000-gallon pool, tennis court, bocce court and wine cellar. Listing of the Day Location: Napa, California Price: $15 million This four-acre compound in the heart of California’s Napa Valley wine country includes a nearly 4,000-square-fo...

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May, 27, 2019 Rosé company will pay you $10,000 to drink wine

(WFLA) - If you think drinking wine and being photogenic are two of your greatest strengths we have the perfect job for you. A French wine company is looking for someone to be the  new face of their brand . So basically they want someone who loves wine, and looks good drinking it! The wi...

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May, 26, 2019 The World's Most Wanted Champagnes

(Wine-Searcher) - The workhorse cuvées are giving way to their showier, more-expensive siblings in Champagne. These are worrying times for the king of sparkling wines, but the star performers somehow manage to sail through the choppy waters of international trade without any apparent f...

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