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January, 09, 2019 Constellation mulls its options as cheaper wines hit growth

(Decanter) - Weaker demand for wines priced below $11-a-bottle have proved a drag on Constellation Brands’ overall sales in the US and the company has indicated that it was working on a plan to put more resources into premium labels. Constellation painted a picture of two US wine markets i...

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January, 09, 2019 Friends of Supreme Court See Trouble Brewing

(Wine Searcher) - Part Two of our investigation into the Supreme Court hearing. Here's one vision of new US wine law that could actually happen soon: Wine lovers anywhere in the country can easily order Château Margaux from their birth year. Fans of Cayuse's single-vineyard wines can easil...

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January, 08, 2019 Copper Cane label saga continues

(TDB) - The on-going tussle between Californian producer Copper Cane and the Oregon Winegrowers Association over labelling laws looks set to continue. Late last year the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) reversed its earlier approval for labels produced by Copper Cane from Oregon-bought fruit a...

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January, 08, 2019 It Starts With Wine, a New Wine Enthusiast Television Series, Launches on Amazon Prime and Vimeo

(Winemag) - The new cinematic series offers a never-before-seen look behind the vines, showcasing the personalities, producers and culture of wine. Wine Enthusiast is pleased to announce the launch of It Starts With Wine, a new original cinematic series on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo on Demand....

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January, 08, 2019 French government rewards Portuguese wine personality

(TDB) - President of the Portuguese Association of Wines & Spirits, Paulo Amorim, has been awarded by the French Government with the Commendation of Chevalier dans l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole. The French accolade is designed to recognize excellence in agriculture, and has been be...

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January, 08, 2019 Non-alcoholic beer sales rose to £7.6 million over Christmas

(TDB) - Supermarkets posted record sales of £29.3 billion the 12 weeks to the end of December 2018, according to the latest market report from analyst Kantar Worldpanel, alongside a notable spike in low and no ABV drinks. Non alcoholic beer, in particular, earned supermarkets an £7.6 mi...

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January, 08, 2019 Château Dauzac in Bordeaux to get new owner

(Decanter) - French entrepreneur Christian Roulleau was expected to be confirmed as the new owner of Château Dauzac, following talks with insurance group MAIF, which has owned the Bordeaux fifth growth estate since 1988.  It emerged in December 2018 that Christian Roulleau was in nego...

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January, 08, 2019 Impending Supreme Court Hearing Could Open Doors

(Wine Searcher) - Part One of our insight into the seminal Supreme Court hearing, Part Two tomorrow. The Tennessee wine case that the US Supreme Court will hear this month could be a Very Big Deal for wine lovers, so much so that Wine-Searcher is sending me to Washington DC to cover the oral arg...

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