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December, 20, 2018 Americans double their drinking during the holidays

(BD) - The average American sees a 100% increase in their alcoholic drinking habits between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, according to a new study. ...

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December, 20, 2018 Trade-Enforcement Agencies Are Ramping Up Their Wine-Sales Investigations

(Forbes) - Wholesalers and retailers of wine and spirits had better be aware of the new retail norms. The Washington D.C.-based  Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau  (TTB) has been ramping up its investigations into legal infractions that break the Tied House Rules—a set o...

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December, 12, 2018 Illinois Distributor's Massive Payout to TTB

(Wine-Searcher) - Elgin offers up $325,000 as a mea culpa for breaking Tied House rules. As the Washington DC-based Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) ramps up its trade practice-enforcement investigations, more wholesalers are appearing on their radar for foul play and Tied House in...

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(TDB) - US-based hedge fund Elliott Management has taken a stake “in excess of 2.5%” in Pernod Ricard, noting in a statement that the French drinks group has “significant potential for improvement”. In a statement released today (12 December), Elliott Management stat...

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December, 12, 2018 Trump EPA Proposes Major Rollback Of Federal Water Protections

(NPR) - Vast amounts of wetlands and thousands of miles of U.S. waterways would no longer be federally protected by the Clean Water Act under a new proposal by the Trump administration. The proposal, announced Tuesday at the Environmental Protection Agency, would change the EPA's definition...

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December, 12, 2018 California in overdraft

(Desertsun) - Two decades ago, the rolling hills of Paso Robles were mostly covered with golden grass and oak trees. Now the hills and valleys are blanketed with more than 32,000 acres of grapevines. Surging demand for wine has brought an explosion of vineyards, and along with it heavy pumping o...

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December, 12, 2018 What's behind smelly wine

(Phys) - H2S is a volatile sulfur compound that's produced naturally during fermentation. Most of it disappears or is removed in subsequent winemaking steps, but it can reemerge after bottling. Ironically, it might derive from polysulfanes and other sulfur byproducts created during H2S removal. Mar...

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December, 06, 2018 2018 Wine Harvest Report: Sonoma Sings of an Ideal Year

(WS) - Cooler temperatures and moderate weather lead to a long growing season, allowing grapes to ripen smoothly After the stress of 2017, Sonoma winemakers hoped for a more relaxed harvest this year, and Mother Nature gave it to them. Last year  brought scorching temperatures  that tr...

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