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Wine Industry News

March, 20, 2018 Champagne Exports Hit Record Heights

(Wine-Searcher) - Life's a gas for bubbly producers as thirsty international markets drive sales through the roof. Champagne exports hit a new record last year, with new markets making up for a disappointing result in one of the region's traditional strongholds. Poor sales in the UK were attr...

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(TDB) - In the wake of revelations regarding an enormous false labelling scandal in the Rhône, now one of Bordeaux’s leading négociants has been caught up in a fraud suit. Last week French prosecutors at Bordeaux’s criminal tribunal (pictured) said that Grands Vins de Gi...

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March, 19, 2018 US wine exports fell in 2017 – figures

(Decanter) - The value of US wine exports fell 5.5% to $1.53 billion in 2017, with shipments to the European Union suffering a near-20% revenue slump, according to data from the US Dept of Commerce. California’s Wine Institute – the state is responsible for 97% of exports – bla...

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March, 19, 2018 How Instagram Gave A Small Bordeaux Winery Global Exposure

(Forbes) - Bordeaux and Instagram are not an obvious cultural pairing; indeed one might consider them a clash of cultures--but the young (he’s 23) Flavein Pommier of Bordeaux’s Chateau Darius is trying to change that. Says Pommier, “We want to bring a modern approach to ...

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March, 19, 2018 U.S. Wine Exports Total $1.53 Billion in 2017: Premiumization Continues Amid Challenging Exchange Rates

(WB) - U.S. wine exports, 97% from California, reached $1.53 billion in winery revenues and 380 million liters (42.2 million cases) in 2017. Golden State exports were down 5.5% in value and 7.9% in volume due in part to the strong dollar, heavily-subsidized foreign wine producers and competitors fo...

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March, 19, 2018 Massive Rhône Valley Wine Fraud Reported by French Authorities

(Winespectator) - Between October 2013 and June 2016, Raphaël Michel, a bulk-wine merchant in France's Rhône Valley, allegedly sold the equivalent of 13 Olympic-size swimming pools of cheap French table wine while claiming it was some of the best wine of the Southern Rhône Valley. ...

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March, 13, 2018 What Will the Wine Business Look Like in 2028?

(SBVWine) - I've recently been thinking about the changing metrics we've had available to manage the wine business over the years. What metrics existed 40 years ago for small wineries? How was wine sold then? What was the atmosphere like? How did we get information? With daylight savings time up...

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March, 12, 2018 WINE PRICES ‘COULD RISE BY UP TO 30%’

(TDB) - The price of supermarket staples like Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and entry-level Spanish reds could rise by up to 30% due to the frost-ravaged 2017 harvest. According to The Guardian, shoppers may have to pay up to 30% more for popular wines like Pinot Grigio and Prosecco, but this all ...

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