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May, 13, 2019 ‘Temperature crisis’ could lead to a major re-shuffle of global wine production and demand

(Harpers) - Vinegrowing and winemaking worldwide could look very different in the next 30 years, a climate change expert has announced, as the planet accelerates towards a temperature crisis fifty years earlier than expected. Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s inaugural climate change symp...

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May, 11, 2019 Labor shortages prompt increased mechanical grape harvesting in North Bay

(NVR) - The message was clear Wednesday in an auditorium full of wine industry professionals: Machines are taking over the grape harvesting. Vineyard managers who spoke at the 24th annual Vineyard Economics Symposium at the Copia educational center in Napa were in agreement that they we...

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May, 10, 2019 The Napa Valley Wine Train Is Running Its Popular Beer Train for the Second Year in a Row

(Travelandleisure) - All aboard, beer lovers. It’s time to hop on this unique train. The  Napa Valley Wine Train  is famous for its incredible winery tours, day trips, and themed events throughout the year. But it’s not just for wine lovers. For the  second year in ...

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May, 10, 2019 China Confirms Retaliatory Measures Against US Tariffs

(Telesurenglish) - China's Commerce Ministry released an official statement Friday stating that the Asian country will be taking "necessary countermeasures" to Donald Trump's announcement of  increasing tariffs  on Chinese goods entering the United States. While the specifications of w...

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May, 10, 2019 Grape and Bulk Wine Market Pauses, Vineyard Economics Symposium Attendence Surges

(WB) - Selling a vineyard in most wine regions will be challenging over the next two to three years and grape growers should reset their expectations because the market has changed. These are among the insights speakers gave Wednesday at Wine Business Monthly’s Vineyard Economics Symp...

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May, 10, 2019 Decoded: Why some red wines taste dry while others don't

(EconomicTimes) - It wouldn't take long for wine aficionados to distinguish a dry red wine from a fruitier red wine. Ever wonder why some wines taste dry and some don't? A recent study has found that tannin structure, concentration, and interactions with saliva and other wine components influence ...

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May, 10, 2019 What even is 'wine' anymore?

(SFChronicle) - It’s 2019, and the boundaries are blurring. I go into wine shops and have to squint to tell the difference between bottles of sparkling wine and bottles of cider on the shelves. At my local beer bar, at least a quarter of the draft pours have peaches or boysenberry or wine gra...

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May, 10, 2019 Netflix's 'Wine Country' relies on a stellar cast to tell a formulaic story

(Mashable) - In her directorial debut Wine Country, Amy Poehler gathers some of her talented Saturday Night Live buddies to conjure up a fun movie set in Napa Valley. The entire cast is a goldmine of comedy — Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell, Emily Spi...

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