Aug 28, 2019

(TDB) - Absinthe, the green spirit once banned in France for 80 years, has been granted protected geographic status after a 15-year battle launched by producers in the commune of Pontarlier.

he new geographical indication, given the green light earlier this month, protects the phrase ‘Absinthe de Pontarlier’ and the traditional methods used to make the spirit in this area. Pontarlier is a commune in eastern France close to the Swiss border.

Absinthe used on its own “may continue to be used in labelling and presentations within the territory of the Union provided that the principles and rules applicable in its legal order are complied with”.

These rules stipulate that the spirit must be clear, pale-yellow with greenish hues that louches when water is added, turning to an “ivory-like opalescent shade and a cloudiness that renders it opaque”.

As for the ingredients, true absinthe must include wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), which should also be the dominant aroma. 


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