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Wine Industry News

January, 11, 2018 Huneeus Vintners Purchasing Benton-Lane Winery in Oregon's Willamette Valley

(WB) - Napa-based  Huneeus Vintners  LLC is purchasing  Benton-Lane Winery  in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, according to the seller. Steve Girard, known for founding Girard Winery in the Napa Valley with wife Carol, on Wednesday confirmed the sale of the Oregon wine...

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January, 11, 2018 As climate changes, so will wine grapes

(HarvardNews) - To adapt to warmer temperatures, vintners may have to plant lesser-known varieties If you want to buy good wine, Elizabeth Wolkovich says, you’re going to want to stop looking at labels and just listen to your taste buds. An assistant professor of organismic and evolutio...

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January, 08, 2018 The Old Vine: The world's oldest grape-producing vine has survived four centuries of turmoil and even has its own anthem.

(Atlasobscura) - A grape vine in Maribor, Slovenia, clings to the outside of a building in the city center. Its lush leaves form a verdant stipe along the wall, creeping outward from the gnarled cordons. When in season, Žametovka grapes dangle from the plant like sweet, sugary ornaments. The Ol...

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January, 08, 2018 Why is wine not vegan?

(Metro) - Many of us love a glass of wine at the end of a hard day. While we all think we know what goes into our wine (surely just grapes, right?) there are actually plenty of other things being added. Some of those things are animal products, which is bad news for vegatarians, vegans or anyone...

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January, 08, 2018 Coravin unveils wine bottle opener that leaves the cork in

(Foodbev) - Technology company Coravin has launched a wine preservation opener which enables drinkers to have a glass of wine from a bottle and preserve the rest for weeks, months, or even years. The Coravin Model Eleven is the latest and fully automatic version in Coravin’s line of w...

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January, 08, 2018 Clemens: Wine benefits heart, quality of life

(Lubbockonline) - Wine: good for you. Wine: bad for you. Both statements can be true; let’s explore. “Good for you” centers on heart benefits and quality of life. Wine, especially reds, are rich in polyphenols that dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. Resveratol, a n...

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January, 08, 2018 Napa Vineyards Hold Erosion at Bay

(Wines&Vines) - The National Weather Service issued a flash-flood watch this afternoon in the San Francisco Bay Area, warning that “potential impacts from heavy rain include debris flows, mudslides, and flash flooding within the burn scars as well as locations downstream or downslope...

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(TDB) - A €1.1 million diamond-encrusted bottle of vodka stolen from a bar in Copenhagen has been found dumped on a building site after thieves drained its contents and left behind the bottle, perhaps not realising its value. The bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka, believed to be one of th...

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