It was only a matter of time. Lab-created ‘molecular’ wine is here.

Mar 7, 2020

(WP) - It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone has made wine in a laboratory.

Well, not wine, exactly. It’s a “molecular exclusive” made from “neutral spirits with carbonation, natural flavors, caramel color and beta carotene for color.” But I’ll call it wine, for simplicity’s sake. It’s 6 percent alcohol, and it’s supposed to taste like moscato.

It’s called Gemello, Italian for “twin,” and it’s made by Endless West, a San Francisco company launched in 2015 by Alec Lee, Mardonn Chua and Josh Decolongon, three dudes with a “why not” attitude to life. They previously released a molecular whiskey called Glyph, and along with Gemello, they’ve introduced “the world’s first riceless sake,” called Kazoku.

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