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Wine Industry News

June, 07, 2018 Controversy Still Simmers at Domaine Huet

(Wine-searcher) - The Vouvray producer's owners – and wines – have caused ripples among wine reviewers. Some wineries are considered sacred by their fans. Domaine Huet is in that class, for better and worse. Huet is the best-regarded estate in Vouvray, and its wines are some of Fr...

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June, 05, 2018 A Vineyard Fight Nearly Won

(Winesandvines) - San Rafael, Calif.—In 1999, vine deaths in large portions of vineyard acreage in Temecula made it clear to the California wine industry and state, local and federal agencies that the glassy-winged sharpshooter’s (GWSS) vectoring of Pierce’s Disease (PD) put the e...

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(TDB) -  As predicted, with Vinexpo Hong Kong now finished the week began with a number of releases, continuing this morning (5 June) with the likes of Durfort-Vivens, Gruaud Larose and Lafon Rochet released. For the most part, the releases appear to have inspired little if any positiv...

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June, 05, 2018 Putting Wine Faults into Perspective

(Wine-searcher) - Is brett or volatile acidity really a problem if nobody points it out loudly around the table? As far as conspiracy theories go, the 9/11 one is probably the biggest. Unless you count maybe Flat Earthers, or Chemtrails, or that one that thinks Barack Obama – or Nick Cage ...

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June, 05, 2018 What Do We Mean When We Say Rhône-style Wine?

(Winemag) - Rhône-style wines are everywhere, from restaurant wine lists to your local bottle shop, but do you really know what this oft-used designation means? From the grape varieties to flavor profiles, here’s your cheat sheet to what makes a Rhône wine. Rhône grapes, ...

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June, 04, 2018 FINE WINE GAINS 0.5% IN MAY

(The drinks business) - Screaming Eagle’s 2013 vintage soared in May, rising nearly 20%, as the Liv-ex 100 index also posted a positive gain. After a choppy first quarter of the year, the benchmark index (which charts the 100 most commonly traded labels in the secondary market) has now pos...

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June, 04, 2018 Auction Napa Valley 2018 raises over US$13 million

(Decanter )- The annual Auction Napa Valley, held by the Napa Valley Vintners, had another successful year of fundraising. This year’s total of US$13.6 million is down on last year’s record of almost US$16 million. The honorary chairs for this year were the fourth-generation Monda...

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June, 04, 2018 Pinot's Search for Southern Comfort

(Wine-searcher)-Burgundy producers are looking south as land prices put a brake on vineyard acquisition in the Côte d'Or. It has been called a gypsy of a grape, although no gypsy ever fetched astronomical prices at auction. But if by gypsy they mean temperamental – think Carmen &ndas...

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