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November, 20, 2019 West Coast wineries who are making amazing sustainable wines

(10best) - The terms "sustainability" and "earth-friendly" no longer apply to a small, niche market. They have become drivers for many consumers, and many West Coast vintners have been engaging in sustainable practices in their vineyard and wineries long before it became fashionable. Their effor...

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November, 20, 2019 Does It Make Any Difference If Wine Is Aged In Stainless Steel, Concrete, Wood Or Egg Tank?

(Forbes) - The short answer is: Yes, it does make a difference what kind of container is used for ageing. The taste will be different. Winemaking has its fashions and trends, just like any other business. Some of the fashions and trends are maybe of the rather obscure kind. But if you look ...

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November, 20, 2019 Wine Moguls Destroy Land And Pay Small Fines As Cost Of Business, Say Activists

(NPR) - After California wine industry mogul Hugh Reimers illegally destroyed at least 140 acres of forest, meadow and stream in part to make way for new vineyards sometime last winter, according to a  report  from state investigators, state officials  ordered  the former execut...

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November, 20, 2019 E&J Gallo Winery Acquires Pahlmeyer Winery; Includes Pahlmeyer and Jayson by Pahlmeyer Brands

(WB) - Gallo also agreed to lease the Pahlmeyers' Waters Ranch vineyard on Atlas Peak, a property developed in 1999. As part of the deal, Gallo will run Jayson, the tasting room at The Village at Vista Collina Resort, a hotel development on the southern edge of the city of Napa. E&J Gal...

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November, 11, 2019 Who buys the wine? Research reveals how consumers make choices for groups

(Phys) - When tasked with making choices for a big group, like selecting wine for the table, independent people typically make choices that more strongly reflect their own preferences, according to a new University of Alberta study examining how consumers make unilateral decisions for themselves an...

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November, 11, 2019 Despite Fires, California Wine Is Doing Just Fine — For Now

(KPBS) - If you're worried that wildfires might have created shortages of Northern California's 2019 cabernet sauvignon, or even just imparted it with an undesirable smoky flavor, you can relax. The wine is just fine. For now. Despite a late October blaze that raged through one of the world's be...

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(TDB) - Billionaire industrialists the Perrodo family, have paid an estimated €60 million (US$67 million) for Château La Tour de Mons. The ancient property in Margaux dates back to the 13th century, but was not classified in the 1855 Bordeaux ranking. It was sold in 1995 to French agr...

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November, 05, 2019 Bordeaux wine fired into space to test ageing

(Decanter) - Twelve bottles of Bordeaux wine have been rocketed to the International Space Station so that researchers can see how the extreme conditions affect ageing.  A Northrop Grumman rocket blasted off from a NASA launchpad in Virginia on 2 November, sending the Bordeaux wines in...

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