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Wine Industry News

April, 18, 2018 California's Nagging Smoke Taint Concerns

(wine-Searcher) - Will "Californian wildfire smoke" be making it onto the tasting notes of the 2017 vintage? The fires that erupted in many counties in Napa and Sonoma in October of last year were much more invasive than those ever previously seen in the state. "In my decades of experience...

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(Compli-beverage) - The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will begin hearing arguments this week in the case of  South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. , and a likely outcome is that states like South Dakota will gain the authority to compel sellers like Wayfair to remit sales tax, even if they do not have a p...

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April, 18, 2018 New project in Napa, Brut Custom Crush

(WB) - It may be easier for small producers to enter the bubbly market. Christian Troussieux, of Napa-based Brut Bottling, on Monday announced the creation a new custom crush service for sparkling wine. The new business, Brut Custom Crush, serves clients that want to produce 200 to 100,000...

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April, 18, 2018 Wine, etc.: Prosecco and cava driving the growth of bubbly

(Capitalgazette) - A number of decades ago sparkling wine was either pricey champagne or sweetened, effervescent plonk made by bulk winemakers in California, such as Gallo or Italian Swiss Colony. For those of you old enough to remember, Andre and a sweet sparkling red wine called Cold Duck shou...

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April, 18, 2018 Have High Acid Wines Finally Burned Out?

(VinePair) - There was a time when the single most popular phrase among a certain subset of wine drinkers was “high- acid .” Exhausted from the uber-ripe, fruity, and boozy juice of the previous era, many sommeliers and wine professionals began extolling the virtues of high acidity in t...

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April, 12, 2018 Cannabis Ramps Up to Compete with Wine

(Forbes) - According to an April report by the New York City-based Rabobank, “existing research does indicate that rising marijuana use will negatively affect the growth of beverage alcohol.” The primary drivers of this trend include the fact women and older consumers are saying...

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April, 12, 2018 Even before Chinese tariffs, California wine exports dipped slightly

(WFP) - “Over the last decade, we have made tremendous progress in developing a loyal and enthusiastic base of Chinese consumers, who enjoy California wines and appreciate their quality.” Even before the U.S. wine industry was rocked by uncertainties brought by Chinese tariffs, it wa...

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April, 12, 2018 How Self-Driving Cars Will Change The Wine Industry

(Forbes) - For those of you that remember the " Jetsons,"  a 1960s TV staple, the family was jetted around their universe by auto-piloted flying saucers. Given that there was no traffic, there was also no hassle and zero issues with intergalactic drinking and driving. Forty y...

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