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July, 16, 2018 Embracing the Graciano Goof

(Winemag) - Central Coast vintners who thought they were planting the “Monastrell clone” of Mourvèdre just learned that they were instead harvesting an obscure grape from Rioja. On a recent afternoon in Paso Robles, Justin Smith, owner and winemaker, of Saxum Vineyards, stoppe...

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July, 16, 2018 Wine and Grape Scientists Meet near Philadelphia

(Wines&Vines) - King of Prussia, Pa.–Although William Penn planted vinifera grape varieties from Bordeaux in 1683 in what became Philadelphia, it has taken Pennsylvania more than three centuries to develop a wine industry. In 1983 there were approximately 25 wineries in the state; now, ac...

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July, 16, 2018 Man makes £21k profit on antique wine bottle he thought was fake

(TDB) - A man who bought what he thought was a fake 17th century wine bottle in order to stop others being conned into buying it was shocked when it proved to be genuine, making him a tidy profit of £21,470. As reported by the Express, Steve Williams, an antique collector and Network Rail ...

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July, 16, 2018 Jefford on Monday: The fullness of wine

  (Decanter) - “I was born in 1967.  That’s what it says on the paper.  But in reality I was born in 1867.  They just put me in the Frigidaire and took me out again 100 years later.”  The time traveller is Mounir Saouma: one of the most original thinker...

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July, 16, 2018 Trade Wars Dampen Spirits

(Wine Searcher) - When President Donald Trump took office in the United States, he pledged to create 25 million new jobs in the next decade. "We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth, and we will bring back our dreams," Trump trumpeted in his ina...

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July, 13, 2018 Sonoma Sees Strong Sales as Growth Plateaus

(Wines&Vines) - U.S. wine sales totaled $3.3 billion in June, according to market research firm bw166, the value unchanged from a year ago in a market where growth shows increasing signs of reaching a plateau.  The threat of growth coming to a halt was among the issues discussed at this...

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July, 13, 2018 Brexit white paper: What is the industry saying, and what are ‘trusted traders’?

(TDB) - A white paper on Brexit was been published this week setting out Theresa May’s vision for the UK’s future relationship with the EU, which will significantly affect the drinks trade. The UK will leave the single market and the customs union and will instead create a “fac...

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July, 13, 2018 Climate change is biggest risk to World Heritage sites – former UNESCO chief

(Decanter) - The former head of UNESCO has called on the wine industry to support proposals to create a new index that can measure climate change risk in World Heritage sites, from the slopes of Douro Valley to the vineyards of Burgundy. Climate change is the biggest risk to UNESCO World Heritag...

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