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May, 01, 2019 7-Eleven Launches Beer Delivery in 18 Cities

(Food&Wine) - What’s more convenient than a convenience store coming to you? 7-Eleven  has made its mark as a go-to stop for last-minute items, Slurpees ( of all sizes ), and as a cultural touchstone serving as the name-brand convenience store with a massive domestic and internat...

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May, 01, 2019 What’s a Super Tuscan and is the Term Still Relevant?

(Winemag) - Super Tuscans arrived decades ago. It was a category born of frustration with Italy’s traditional wine production rules. Ambitious producers sought to make modern styles and experiment outside the restrictions of the Italian appellation system, known as Denominazione d&r...

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(TDB) - Australian wine exports grew 5% by value over the last year, with the average value per litre growing to its highest levels in ten years, the country’s national wine body has said. The value of exports now stands at $2.78 billion in the 12 months to March 2019, Wine Australia ...

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May, 01, 2019 How Does Your Love of Wine Contribute to Climate Change?

(NYTimes) - Consumers don’t have access to much information about how businesses operate, but they can ask questions and focus on one tangible item, the bottle. The exquisite vulnerability of grapes to nuances of weather makes wine both particularly susceptible to climate change and a harb...

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May, 01, 2019 How Labels Sell Wines

(Wine-Searcher) - Quirky or traditional? Does it matter? It all depends on what's in the bottle, Vicki Denig discovers.   Whether consumer or trade, when it comes to making a wine sale, aesthetics go a long way. No matter where in the world or what side of the industry, a...

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April, 27, 2019 Casa de Loco owner takes full responsibility for exploding, unregistered wine bottles

(Krcgtv) - Casa de Loco owner Larry Owens said he and his family spent most of the day Friday collecting wine bottles from their retailers. This comes directly after  the  Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control  warned the public of six different bottled wines that may ...

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April, 27, 2019 Turning a Critical Eye on Wine Critics

(Wine-Searcher) - It might be time to change the emphasis on wine tasting methodology, Oliver Stylessuggests.   One of the frequent digs made in the Cabernet-infused cock pit of the bad old days (the Robert Parker bulletin board in the mid-noughties) was that, while the likes of Dec...

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April, 27, 2019 How Wines From a Little-Known Region Became Some of the Most Expensive in the World

(Fortune) - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo. Any oenophile’s eyes will light up at these names. With histories of winemaking dating back centuries, premier wine regions like the aforementioned trio command high prices and break records at auctions. So how did Bolgheri, an obscure Italian hamlet...

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