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April, 27, 2019 Casa de Loco owner takes full responsibility for exploding, unregistered wine bottles

(Krcgtv) - Casa de Loco owner Larry Owens said he and his family spent most of the day Friday collecting wine bottles from their retailers. This comes directly after  the  Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control  warned the public of six different bottled wines that may ...

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April, 27, 2019 Turning a Critical Eye on Wine Critics

(Wine-Searcher) - It might be time to change the emphasis on wine tasting methodology, Oliver Stylessuggests.   One of the frequent digs made in the Cabernet-infused cock pit of the bad old days (the Robert Parker bulletin board in the mid-noughties) was that, while the likes of Dec...

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April, 27, 2019 How Wines From a Little-Known Region Became Some of the Most Expensive in the World

(Fortune) - Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo. Any oenophile’s eyes will light up at these names. With histories of winemaking dating back centuries, premier wine regions like the aforementioned trio command high prices and break records at auctions. So how did Bolgheri, an obscure Italian hamlet...

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April, 27, 2019 The Emerging California-Style Whiskey

(Winemag) - California is best known for its wine, but it also has a burgeoning whiskey culture. In fact, its newest bottlings include a handful that stake a claim for a new “California-style” whiskey. When Los Angeles producer CALI Distillery released its lightly spiced whiskey...

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April, 27, 2019 Texas House OK’s earlier beer and wine sales on Sundays and beer to go from craft breweries

(StarTelegram) - Beer and wine drinkers in Texas may soon have a few more options. The Texas House on Friday signed off on a plan to allow beer and wine sales on Sunday mornings, two hours earlier than currently allowed, and beer-to-go sales from craft breweries. The Texas House approved the ...

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April, 24, 2019 Why scientists are studying sommeliers’ brains

(Decanter) - Fresh research has looked at how young sommeliers develop sensory skills as part of ongoing efforts to understand potential links between an acute sense of smell and brain health. Twenty-five sommelier students outperformed an untrained ‘control’ group of 29 people at id...

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April, 24, 2019 Tito’s Leads All Spirits Brands In Control States Through First Quarter

(Shankennewsdaily) - Tito’s vodka has become the largest-selling spirits brand in U.S. control states, surpassing Smirnoff vodka for the first time during the first quarter of 2019, according to the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA).  For the first three months of th...

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April, 24, 2019 Napa Valley Winery Sues Law Firm

(WB) - A Napa Valley winery has filed a lawsuit against its lawyers two months after settling a longtime dispute with Napa County for $271,464, according to court records. Bremer Family Winery in February settled a lawsuit Napa County filed against the company in 2017 over a number of alleg...

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