7-Eleven Launches Beer Delivery in 18 Cities

May 1, 2019

(Food&Wine) - What’s more convenient than a convenience store coming to you?

7-Eleven has made its mark as a go-to stop for last-minute items, Slurpees (of all sizes), and as a cultural touchstone serving as the name-brand convenience store with a massive domestic and international footprint. So in 2017 when 7-Eleven debuted a delivery app, it was a rather remarkable admission that, while stores exist on corner after corner of American streets, the future was in bringing the store’s candy, chips, and even organic, cold-pressed juices do customer’s doors. But if there’s one category that trumps all others in terms of delivery desirability it’s probably booze. And while there are a few beer, wine, and spirits delivery apps out there already, a massive retailer like 7-Eleven getting in on that action could be a game-changer, which is exactly what the company is doing.

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