How Labels Sell Wines

May 1, 2019

(Wine-Searcher) - Quirky or traditional? Does it matter? It all depends on what's in the bottle, Vicki Denig discovers.
Whether consumer or trade, when it comes to making a wine sale, aesthetics go a long way.

No matter where in the world or what side of the industry, any given wine consumer's first interaction with a bottle ironically begins with their eyes. So how much purchasing power does a wine label actually hold for both industry and consumer sales?

On the industry side, wine labels absolutely play a role in buyers' decisions, particularly on the retail side. "Ultimately, if the wine is a great, the wine label doesn't matter," says Leah Rinaldi, a Brooklyn-based sales representative for Jenny & Francois. "That being said, a great label can definitely become one of the factors that has a buyer pull the trigger on a wine."

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