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February, 27, 2019 The Biggest Scam In Wine History

(Forbes) - Thanks to its iconic logo that makes it immediately recognizable, the Armand de Brignac Champagne is known worldwide also under the name Ace of Spades. The price for a single bottle is around two hundred and fifty euros. While limited editions can go up to three hundred and fifty...

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February, 27, 2019 The Changing Face of Luxury Wine

(Wine-Searcher) - Given current economic conditions, the high rollers seem to keep wining across the globe. Given the ever-higher stakes for luxury products across the world, there continues to be greater interest in luxury wines across all price points. However, surprisingly, there is still ver...

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February, 27, 2019 Researchers discover how grapevine red blotch virus harms the vine

(WB) - Grapevine red blotch virus harms the vines by inhibiting photosynthesis in the leaves, UC Davis researchers said this month in an article  published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry .  The researchers also found that infected wine grape vines cannot conduct water ...

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February, 27, 2019 Berger on wine: Wine business growing more difficult

(SonomaNews) -  There’s an old, well-known saying: “If you wanna make a small fortune in the wine business, start with a large one.” The statement, which now is a cliché, has never been truer — except for families that got into wine 50 or 100 years ago, never ...

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February, 27, 2019 Why You Don't Need Land For A Winery

(Forbes) - Last week a small patch of land went up for sale. Happens every day. But this happened to be the Cole Ranch AVA in Mendocino, Calif., a wine appellation that can be acquired in its entirety. Less than a quarter of a square mile (about 190 acres, of which 55 are planted to vineyard), it&r...

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February, 27, 2019 Active ingredient in Roundup weed killer found in popular beers and wine, researchers say

(FoxNews) - Traces of an ingredient found in weed killers have been discovered in popular beers and wine,  according to a study  by U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG). The pesticide and herbicide glyphosate, a key ingredient in Roundup, was found in 19 of the 20 wines...

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February, 20, 2019 An entire California wine appellation is on the market for $3.3 million

You may have dreamed of owning your own vineyard. Well, here's a chance to own an entire wine appellation. In a remote canyon valley rimmed with oak-dotted rolling hills two hours north of San Francisco, Cole Ranch is the country's smallest wine appellation with 150 acres and 50 of them planted ...

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(Nielsen) - Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) signed a deal with, the leading online wine retailer in the U.S., to expand its online retail coverage within the U.S. beverage alcohol market. Effective immediately, will share its online wine purchase data with Nielsen, providing Nielsen’s ...

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