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Why Does Wine Cry?

April, 30, 2013 Why Does Wine Cry?

The drops that form around the side of a wine glass are strange, but most people don't realize just how strange. Here the effect is explained, along with time-lapse footage of these "legs of wine" to show the effect for what it truly is....

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How to Get Into the Wine Industry?

March, 18, 2013 How to Get Into the Wine Industry?

You Love Wine, and You'd Like to Get Involved in the Wine Industry. The question is, how do you "break in"? Finding a job in the wine industry should be an easy task now for anyone using Wine Job Marketplace ...

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Gangnam Style in Wine Country

March, 11, 2013 Gangnam Style in Wine Country

It gets a little boring in wine country this time of year, and we figured it was time that a winery paid tribute to PSY and Gangnam Style with a parody ... wine country style. Thanks for making our 40th anniversary in 2012 such a special year. Cheers!...

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The Wine Industry 2/3 - The Faith (Documentary)

February, 16, 2013 The Wine Industry 2/3 - The Faith (Documentary)

Documentary series about the wine industry charts the creation of the 2008 vintage at Margaux, one of the world's greatest wine estates. Corinne Mentzelopoulos, daughter of a Greek supermarket tycoon, introduces us to the chateau her family has owned for the past 30 years, as everyone from vineya...

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February, 06, 2013 Sherry

WSET 3 Minute Wine School - Learn about Sherry, presented by Tim Atkin MW...

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The Wine Industry 1/3 - The Firm (Documentary)

January, 18, 2013 The Wine Industry 1/3 - The Firm (Documentary)

Filmed in a year when high finance caught a fever, 'The Firm' unwittingly becomes a chronicle of the changing world order and Berrys' Chairman Simon Berry unveils the secrets of a successful family-owned and run business. From the unassuming winemaker David Clarke of the small village of Morey-Sa...

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