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Vintage: 2012.

Varietal: Riesling

Country: Croatia

Appellation: Moslavina

Produced By: Vina Kosutic

Cases Produced: 2000 cs.

Alcohol Content: 0.99 %v/v



Košutić riesling can be proudly named the riesling from paradise. Light yellow with a golden glance, this premium german variety, the king of white wines, has been ripening succesfully in Moslavina for many years. The diligent hands of wine-growers and winemakers turn the grapes into glasses of liquid gold. Decent acidity, medium bodied, noble, intensive and complex aroma with a fruity-floral bouquet and a special flavour elegancy that rounds the entire impression make this riesling trully a riesling from paradise. Exceptional structure and minerality ensure this wine successful bottle aging for many and many years to come. Like all premium wines, Košutić riesling can be paired with peculiar gastronomic delicacies such as fish, hard cheese, white and red meat.
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