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Sparkling wine contains high levels of carbon dioxide in it making it fizzy. The carbon dioxide may result from natural fermentation or as a result of carbon dioxide injection. Sparkling wines are categorized as Extra Brut, Brut, Extra dry, Sec and Demi-sec depending on their sugar levels

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Prosecco Serre

Vintage: NV

Varietal: Sparkling Wine

Country: Italy

Appellation: Prosecco DOCG

Produced By: Prosecco Serre

Cases Produced: 500 cs.

Alcohol Content: 0.99 %v/v

Sparkling Brut is light straw yellow colored with greenish highlights with a bright froth, fine and persistent perlage. The fragrance of fresh fruits with notes of exotic fruits such as pineapple and banana is peculiar of the true Prosecco wine. Its soft and dry flavor, its lean and crunchy palate invite to a toast. Excellent as an aperitif, Spumante Brut can be served at the beginning of sophisticated fish lunches
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