A new seal for South African wines, a world first.

Remember when we lived in harmony with the earth? Without a care in the world, and hardly a thought given to the future? It was only a few generations ago.

But then carefree became careless. We took more than the earth could give. Now it's clear we have to consider the future.

Of course, you knew that already. So the question is, what do we do about it?

Well, one of the things we're going to do in South Africa is make better wine. Or rather, make wine better. We've always produced quality wine, but from now on it's also going to be considerate wine. If we consider the earth now, there'll be more to raise our glasses to in the future.

So, from the 2010 vintage, we introduced a new seal for South African wines. The seal is a world first, and certifies a wine's integrity as well as sustainability.

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