Wine Jobs: How to Land your Dream Job in the Wine Industry?

Whether you just lost your job or you are ready to change the current one, the chances of your finding a new position through the employment adverts is next to zero. Thankfully, there is many other ways for you to go after.

Start by updating your resume and your LinkedIn profile. After that create a short message that will highlight your unique skills.

Listed below are the most effective methods to use it with your job search.

1. Create your own network in the wine industry.
Everybody knows somebody. Within your existing network of friends and people you know, there are probably someone who could help you to get a job in the wine industry. Make a list of everyone you know and talk to them, find out who can help you to crack the door into the wine business.

2. Get to know the wine industry.
We generally know that the wine industry is very tough niche to get into it. But we've done our research, ask experts in your area, go to meetings, read more and learn how grow your network.

3. Attend at wine events.
These include ones hosted by wineries and professional organizations. Talk to members at every meeting and try to introduce yourself to more people. Try to get more people in your professional network and try to follow up—by meeting again, or getting a referral to someone else.

4. Use LinkedIn and other Social website for maximum effect.
LinkedIn is a powerful social tool to easily connect with the right people. Search your target market based on your industry, qualifications, university and interests, and connect with the people who interest you. For example, if you looking to get a job in the wine business, you could start connecting with all wine professionals and HR's in this industry.

5. Check the online wine job classifieds.
Many wineries and recruiters use the wine job websites like Wine Jobs and to post their open job positions and the find the right candidate. Define the best job positions for your skill set and apply there. Choose a catchy, brief headline for your cover letter that will encourage the HR's to read your resume.

6. Contact headhunters with experience in wine industry.
Senior-level jobs are recruited almost exclusively though referrals or by headhunters. They know about wine jobs that will never be advertised and have experience finding this kind of job openings. If you decide to work with a headhunter, choose carefully.

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