Meet the Demands of the Marketing Department - Produce Low Alcohol Wine

Apr 12, 2012

(WineSecrets) - Low alcohol and low calorie wines are a growing market segment.
Meet that demand now with the wine in your cellar. Dealcoholize bulk wine and
create a low alcohol product that meets your high standards. 

Winesecrets' Microstar allows you to conduct trials to determine the optimal amount of

  • Laboratory scale version of Winesecrets' Memstar system.
  • Conduct trials on alcohol levels and blends before committing to a large production lot.
  • Only 6 to 12 bottles of wine needed to set up a meaningful trial.
  • Find your wine's low alcohol sweetspot.

After you determine optimal alcohol level, Winesecrets will hit that mark with two proven methods, Memstar or the RO-still system.

Meet the requirements of an ever changing marketplace. Call WineSecrets today.

By: VinoEnology - Wine Industry Marketplace, News & Jobs

VinoEnology - Wine Industry Marketplace, News & Jobs
Country: USA
Address: 1446 Industrial Ave. Sebastopol, CA , 95472
Phone: 707-490-2067

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