VinoEnology Enlist Brand Outreach to Promote Winery Real Estate Marketplace

Apr 12, 2012

Brand Outreach the media specialists recently teamed up with in order to increase the press coverage for the rapidly growing site. VinoEnology has re-launched a new branch of their site that allows real estate brokers and winery owners to post sales listings for wineries and vineyards that will be seen by industry professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about wine, making it the best place to sell a wine business. Joe Bragg, spokesman for Brand Outreach, explained, “VinoEnology are the fastest growing professional wine network on the net, so it was a clever move on their part to bring in a real estate arm to the site. We’re making sure this gets enough exposure to the right people that will not only excite existing customers but attract new ones too, with the real estate listings enticing property developers and shrewd investors into the wine industry.” The new branch of the site will not only include every winery for sale but also vineyards for sale for locals who may be looking to expand. There are already fourteen wineries listed on the site throughout the US, and that number is sure to grow. All the listings come with detailed breakdowns and there is space for high quality image galleries to be added, providing all the functionality of a real estate site with an in-built, specialized audience to market to. A spokesperson for VinoEnology explained, “We want to be the total solution for wine professionals, with the connectivity of LinkedIn but with flexibility and diversity enough to meet all the multifarious needs of our professionals in every aspect of their business practice, from wine making to industry news to products and services and now, properties.”

By: VinoEnology - Wine Industry Marketplace, News & Jobs

VinoEnology - Wine Industry Marketplace, News & Jobs
Country: USA
Address: 1446 Industrial Ave. Sebastopol, CA , 95472
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