‘Zero pesticide residue’, an endorsement that aims to reassure wine consumers

Oct 21, 2019

(Vitisphere) - In the realms of wine marketing, the quest for the Holy Grail involves finding a simple tool for publicising sustainability commitments to consumers. From the vineyard to the trade, the quest currently seems to revolve around two certifications: organic winegrowing and High Environmental Value (HVE). Both of them have their staunch advocates and zealous detractors, but a third way of showcasing good environmental practices could well lead to a reshuffle: the Zero Pesticide Residues within the limits of quantification (aka ZRP) endorsement.

“This is a clear promise and a simple message for consumers. When you put forward technical methods, it's hard to get them on board. Here, we give them a result that they can take ownership of and which clearly meets their expectations for healthier products”, sums up Julie Sabourin, technical manager for the Nouveaux Champs collective. 

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