Will wine water be the next drinks trend to hit Australia?

Aug 8, 2019

(GoodFood) - To write about wine water, you first have to get the Jesus jokes out of the way. I know, they were on the tip of your tongue as soon as you read "wine water." So, here goes:

It's like Jesus was turning the water into wine but didn't quite get the job done!

Or maybe it was his practice batch!

He made it for the designated drivers at the marriage at Cana!

Now, we can proceed. Yes, wine water is a thing, and no, it's not just watered-down wine. Wine water is water infused with the flavour from discarded grape skins used in winemaking. Purveyors claim it has the antioxidants of a glass of red wine, but fewer kilojoules. None of them contain any alcohol.

Yet, they try to mimic the flavour of wine, and even reference several varietals.

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