Red Wine Drinkers Are More Likely To Call Themselves 'Aficionados,' Here's Why

May 29, 2019

(Delish) - Personally, I don't discriminate when it comes to wine. Pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, merlot...I love it all. But most people tend to fall on one side or the other. You're a fan of red or white. According to Coravin, the folks behind that innovative a wine preservation opener, your answer actually says a lot about your personality.

After polling 2,000 Americans who average four glasses of wine per week, they found a number of discrepancies between those with opposing preferences. So what were the findings, exactly? Well for one, red wine drinkers spend around $40 per bottle, while white wine drinkers average about 37 bucks a bottle. I'm more of a $5 Target blend kind of gal myself, but to each her own.

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