Which country drinks the most wine? The answer might surprise you

May 29, 2019

(GoSanAngelo) - The world drinks a lot of wine — some 6.5 billion gallons in 2018, according to the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

The United States consumes the most of that output — some 872 million gallons. We’ve been No. 1 since 2011. On a percentage basis, the U.S. drinks 13 percent of world wine production, followed by France at 11 percent, followed by Italy, Germany, and China. The United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, Russia, and Australia take positions six through 10.

Italy was the world’s largest producer of wine in 2018—1.45 billion gallons, followed by France at 1.3 billion and Spain at 1.2 billion. Argentina and the U.S. round out the top five.

Spain is the world’s largest exporter of wine—552 million gallons, almost 20 percent of world wine exports. Spain, Italy, and France account for more than half of the world’s wine exports—1.45 billion gallons collectively. France is the largest exporter by value—$10.5 billion.

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