Grape and Bulk Wine Market Pauses, Vineyard Economics Symposium Attendence Surges

May 10, 2019

(WB) - Selling a vineyard in most wine regions will be challenging over the next two to three years and grape growers should reset their expectations because the market has changed.

These are among the insights speakers gave Wednesday at Wine Business Monthly’s Vineyard Economics Symposium in Napa. 

It will be more difficult to sell vineyards in many wine regions where wineries deal with an oversupply of grapes and sluggish wine sales. 

Vineyard pricing in Lodi, the Central Coast and the North Coast are either flat or down, said Joe Ciatti, partner at Zepponi & Co. Exceptions include Napa and Sonoma, where vineyard prices are either flat or up. 

“I think the next two years or three years will be very challenging,” said Ciatti, partner at Zepponi & Co.

Oregon’s vineyard market is solid. However, growers have overplanted in the state of Washington, where the land is cheap. Many have put grapes in the ground without contracts, Ciatti said. “They have excess grapes out there,” Ciatti said.

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