Champagne shipments drop by 5m bottles during 2018

Jan 28, 2019

(TDB) - Initial estimates for the past year show that Champagne has shipped 5.3 million bottles fewer than 2017, driven by falling demand in France and the UK.


Although such a figure is only an estimate, it would mean that shipments have decreased by 1.7%, with the total number of bottles dropping from 307.3m in 2017 to 302m for the past year, although there is a sense in the region that the final sum could be lower.

Speaking to the drinks business on Friday in Champagne, co-president of the Comité Champagne, Jean-Marie Barillère, confirmed that the region’s “first estimate” was 302m bottles, but added that “the reality” would probably be below that figure due to a failure to fully account for the extent of the impact of demonstrations by the gilets jaunes, which were particularly disruptive in the centre of Paris in the run up to Christmas.

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