American Canyon seeks more of the Napa Valley's winery businesses

Nov 13, 2017

(NVR) - American Canyon is hoping to expand its commercial sector by attracting more segments of the wine industry to an area of town that’s been largely undeveloped.

The city hopes new businesses focused on wine warehousing, distribution, bottling and more will set up shop along a section of Commerce Boulevard, just south of the Green Island Industrial District that has thrived with winery-related enterprises.

The area in question — 106 acres known as the Recreation Zoning District — has been home to eucalyptus trees, open fields and little else, except for the longtime business, Paintball Jungle.

City leaders want to see more economic activity in this district along Commerce Boulevard, and have proposed changes in local zoning definitions to encourage the logistical and storage side of wineries.

The City Council is trying “to attract and expand diverse business and employment opportunities in American Canyon,” according to Community Development Director Brent Cooper.

One way to do this, Cooper said, is “to improve the feasibility of winery uses” on empty parcels bordering Commerce Boulevard.

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