The Wine Shipping Maze Still Amazes

Aug 3, 2017

(Forbes) - When you buy wine in the U.S. using the Drizly app, shipping is a local phenomenon: alcohol retailers use whichever courier service they choose to ship intrastate at a flat rate per bottle and per case. Retailers can also ship interstate among twelve states that allow reciprocal alcohol shipping: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Norrth Carolina and Washington State.

With estimated revenue at $15 million, the five year-old Drizly calls itself a “one-stop shop for beer, wine, and spirits .”

Drizly recently launched its Drizly Data Distillery (DDD). According to the press release, DDD is the first “aggregated eCommerce data compiled from transactions facilitated by Drizly’s platform over the past four years.” The new web hub offers insights and analysis to help Drizly retailers and producers with strategy and marketing decisions by having access to hard pricing data online.

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