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Alcohol Could Decrease Risk for Certain Heart Diseases

Apr 19, 2017

(WineSpectator) - A new study shows moderate drinking may reduce risk for many cardiovascular conditions, but not some rarer ones.

For decades, health researchers have been finding evidence that moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But the exact link remains unclear, and some scientists have downplayed the findings. A new study out of the United Kingdom has advanced the research on two critical fronts, by breaking down which cardiovascular diseases are impacted by alcohol, and also by separating data on non-drinkers who have always avoided alcohol and those who once drank but gave it up.

Previous research shows links between moderate alcohol consumption and cardiovascular diseases. This includes a slower decline in HDL (or "good") cholesterol which prevents plaque deposits that lead to heart disease, among other benefits. Red wine has been found to decrease the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart disease–related deaths.

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