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Simple Math Cellars

Vintage: 2008

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Country: USA

Appellation: Napa Valley

Produced By: SImple Math Cellars, LLC

Cases Produced: 50 cs.

Alcohol Content: 0.99 %v/v



From one of Napa Valley’s finest vineyards and a source for vintners on the California Top 10 list. Exciting aromas of eucalyptus, fudge and dried cherries open the floodgates to a sensuously textured, richly layered home run. 21 months on new Francois Freres barrels impart lush caramel notes, and the tenacious finish makes this a memorable piece of math that isn’t intellectually challenging - except when it comes to how you’re going to hoard this wine and keep it away from neighbors who’ve heard you got some! Share wisely with only those you like. 14.5% alcohol. 50 cases.
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TOM, Apr 30, 2010
Very good!

Rating a wine is not for experts alone. This skill can be developed by anyone with enough practice and exposure and it starts with understanding the elements in winemaking, tasting and rating. There are basically 4 areas where wines are rated. These are appearance, aroma, taste and after taste.

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