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Vintage: 2012

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Country: USA

Appellation: Kataman

Produced By: Kamenki winery

Cases Produced: 30 cs.

Alcohol Content: 13.50 %v/v



Kataman is blend of four grape varieties: Mavrud, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignonand Cabernet Franc. They all acquire their own character from the warmth of our region and the rocky soil of our vineyards. All this conditions give the wine its particular richness and finesse. The grapes are all sourced from our own vineyards and the quality of the wine reflects both our devotion to quality and uniqueness of our home – YAKATA in Rhodope Mauntans close to Plovdiv. The word KATAMANin fact comes from a local dialect and means “beautiful”, which is how we feel about our region and this wine. Yakata which is a the strip, or literally “collar”, that runs along the Rodope mountain range, is highly respected for its unique soil and climate, or terroir, and this contributes significantly to the quality of the grapes.
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