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Vintage: 2005

Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Country: USA

Appellation: California

Produced By: Tesouro Cellars

Cases Produced: 270 cs.

Alcohol Content: 0.99 %v/v



Tesouro Cellars red dessert wine is a blend of classic Portuguese varietal grapes, Touriga, Tinta Roris, Alvarelhao, Souzau, and Tinta Cao, all grown in California. This delicious wine may be enjoyed as an aperitif or dessert wine. It is best with sharp or full-flavored cheeses, nuts, coffee and/or rich desserts.
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Georg, Aug 11, 2009
Very good!!!

Rating a wine is not for experts alone. This skill can be developed by anyone with enough practice and exposure and it starts with understanding the elements in winemaking, tasting and rating. There are basically 4 areas where wines are rated. These are appearance, aroma, taste and after taste.

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