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Finca & Vineyards in Mallorca / Real Estate / ID: 914842

Finca & Vineyards in Mallorca
Property title: Finca & Vineyards in Mallorca
Property Type: Vineyard
Appellation: Various
City / Location: Mallorca
State / County: Mallorca
Country: Spain
Lot Size: 1
Price: €0.00
Posting Type: For Sale
Posted on: 10.Jun.2019
Expire on: 25.Jun.2019

Property Details:

Fincas for Sale with Mallorcan Vineyards:
Mallorcan wine is rapidly gaining prestige, sitting alongside quality French wines. The challenge in the past has been production costs however, the more modern facilities on the island are finding ways to deal with this. With capacity not being able to compete with the larger wine making regions, Mallorcan wine is seen as quite exclusive outside Mallorca and thus carries a premium. Within Mallorca, demand from hotels and restaurants catering to clientele who appreciate quality wines is increasing along with the increase in high-net worth residents and tourists. So there is a clear business case for investment in Mallorcan wine estate. For some this is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a business.

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