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Puncheons and OXO Racks
Posting title: Puncheons and OXO Racks
Product Type: French oak barrels
Condition: Used
City / Location: St. Helena
State / County: CALIFORNIA
Country: USA
Price: $0.00
Posting Type: For Sale
Posted on: 29.May.2019
Expire on: 05.Jun.2019

Product Details:

Red Barrels
40 - Neutral Barrels (2010-2012) - 35$
Many of these barrels have fermentation doors for barrel ferments

Puncheon Barrels with Fermentation Door
4 - 400L Puncheon barrels (2011-2014) - 400$

30 Stainless Steel OXO racks for barrel fermentations in nearly perfect condition, used once. Can hold 400L barrels as well as smaller barrels.

Please let me know if you are interested, I can send pictures. Prices are negotiable.

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Contact Person: Maura Johnson

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