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Humidity Control
Posting title: Humidity Control
Product Type: Cellar Equipment
Condition: New
City / Location: Lake Elsinore
State / County: 1
Country: USA
Price: $799.00
Posting Type: For Sale
Posted on: 08.Mar.2018
Expire on: 15.Mar.2018

Product Details:

Each Ultra Wall Mist system can handle approximately 900-1200 sq ft area of controlled humidity, for larger areas you simply add units, each operating from the same water source line and each able operate within different zone humidity range, as each unit has its own separate Humidistat.

Industrial Humidification: ultra fine mist partial size allowing for instant and complete evaporation within very small area, no chance for anything to get wet or damp.

Built in Sensor/Controller: each unit comes complete with its own 2%Rh adjustable humidistat.

Intelligent Auto-Control & Safety Shut Off: water feed is full time delivery with connected supplied 1/4" flex water line with Intelligent Auto-Stop when water is low or supply stops.

Antibacterial Technology: water chamber uses silver ion antibacterial technology for always clean fresh and hygienic mist vapor.

Simple Installation: wall mounted installation and push/pull connectors make for a simple self installation Designed to operate with or without reverse osmosis systems and/or Ion exchange filters, both are available as optional items.

Simple Maintenance; dust-proof air intake screen is removable and washable

Contact Details:

Company Name: TAC Water & Misting Systems
Contact Person: Tom Caudill
Phone: 7143368282

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