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Wanted - Small Winery Equipment
Posting title: Wanted - Small Winery Equipment
Product Type: Cellar Equipment
Condition: Used
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Country: USA
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Posting Type: Wanted
Posted on: 16.Feb.2018
Expire on: 23.Feb.2018

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Did you start out with a tiny operation and outgrow it? You could use that space occupied by your moth-balled little destemmer, press, and tanks for another big tank or a couple of pallets of bottles, right? Maybe you've just had your fun and are ready to try something else. I am building a mini-winery (think 100-300 cases) that I need to fill with mini-equipment. I'm interested in everything from the crush-pad to the bottle, including lab gadgets. Thanks for helping me get started in this crazy hobby gone wildly out of control!

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