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EXCLUSIVE: Junmai Daiginjo No. 1
Posting title: EXCLUSIVE: Junmai Daiginjo No. 1
Product Type: Spirits
Variety: Sake
Company name: Sakeportal
City / Location: Kyoto
State / County: Kyoto
From Country of Origin: Japan
For Country Marketplace: Japan
Quantity: Negotiable
Price: $ 26.00
Posting type: For Sale
Posted on: 23.Feb.2020
Expire on: 01.Mar.2020

Product Details:

EXCLUSIVE TO Sakeportal, 2019 Fine Sake Gold Award Winner, 720ml Single Rice Polishing Rate 40% Alc 16% Junmai Daiginjo No. 1 is a special sake that is milled up to the highest grade of Yamada rice. It has a fruity Ginjo aroma and a fresh sweet, medium body. With a fruit-like flavour it is clean and crisp with a slight tangy, bitter aftertaste. This Sake compliments most Japanese food but works particularly well with white fish and sashimi.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Sakeportal
Company Website: http://Sakeportal
Contact Person: Darren Harris
Phone: +818031392650

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