Radoux reinvents the wine in oak

Apr 12, 2012

Innovation is rare in Foudrerie "notes Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry (Sales Director France), with even more proudly on the prototype Hourglass Vinitech stand cooperage Radoux ( Jonzac ) . Upside down baptized for the international market, this atypical lightning must indeed put upside vinification in oak. “The initial idea was to use the traditional cooperage tapered shape and bind to the new inverted tapered shape (appeared in the 2000s ) to optimize the tightening of the grounds ," said Pierre-Guillaume Chiberry , " a stainless steel background the narrower diameter binds the two tanks, it was mounted on a shaft to be able to switch the coffee during vinification and allow full and sweet wine (without pump). Do you even lift?

On paper the Hourglass no shortage of technical attractions, in addition to the gravity vinification tool to raise wines, thermostated them, to facilitate the marketing of seed at the end of alcoholic fermentation More ... already palpable interest of visitors (and other coopers ) faces the absence of tests , the prototype built in June Not doubting the extraction results , Pierre- Guillaume Chiberry himself points out the technical element unresolved: validate " the adaptation of the size of the opening between the two thunderbolts and juice extraction / skin" (diameter which has been defined with the help of a famous Bordeaux oenologist ) .

Vinitech marks the beginning of the commercialization of the Hourglass, which will be distributed in final form (20 hectoliters against 10 hl for the prototype) from the 2015 vintage of the Southern Hemisphere. With an estimated selling price 20 000 * , the Hourglass is reserved for high-end wines (and the price should not change with an industrial standard because of the cost of stainless steel) .

* "Either € 1,000 per hectolitre , with a cost over three years of 2.8 € / bottle. But we recommend not to change the staves that after five years, “explains Pierre -Guillaume Chiberry

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