‘Temperature crisis’ could lead to a major re-shuffle of global wine production and demand

May 13, 2019

(Harpers) - Vinegrowing and winemaking worldwide could look very different in the next 30 years, a climate change expert has announced, as the planet accelerates towards a temperature crisis fifty years earlier than expected.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s inaugural climate change symposium at Vinexpo, scientist Patrice Geoffron said that if the Paris Agreement fails, the world could face temperature increases that exceed the target limit of a maximum 2C rise as early as 2050 - significantly sooner than the limit of 2100 set under the terms of the agreement.

The economic consequences of this scenario could be so grave that they will test the world socio-economic order, says Geoffron, director of the Energy-Climate team at Paris-Dauphine University, with dire consequences for world wine.

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