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Cellarhand / Wine Jobs / ID: 914613

Job title: Cellarhand
Company name: Barta Winery
Job location: Tokaj
State / County: BAZ
Country: Hungary
Posted on: 18.Aug.2018
Expire on: 25.Aug.2018

Job Details:

I'm seeking a cellarhand at Barta Winery.

The Estate is located in TOKAJI wineregion of Hungary. We are looking for an energetic and motivated person, who has keen interest in wine. The length of stay is: 26/08 to 30/10/2018.

Barta Winery is a small boutique winery. We produce AszĂș, Szamorodni, dry Furmint and are focused on interpreting every plot by its individual vinification.

If you are interested or need more information please message me or contact me at:

Contact Details:

Company Name: Barta Winery
Company Website:
Contact Person: Vivien Ujvari
Phone: 0036202121300

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